Ep. 38 Live. Serve. Thrive. with Aaron Quinn

Aaron Quinn is a solid brother - He takes his career, his family and his fitness seriously. Which is why he is a perfect guest to have on the FGF podcast. He shared his bio and I would like you to hear from Aaron in his own words. I am pleased to introduce Episode 38 with Aaron Quinn, Enjoy!

“I live in Oakland with my wife and three kids.  I grew up in Oakland, California, where I now serve the citizens as a Firefighter. I was hired in 2002 and I have worked in the East end my whole career on 7 Truck and 6 Truck companies.  I am currently the senior Firefighter on the B shift at Station 18.

As a child I swam and played Water Polo through High School and I started my coaching at the age of 15, when I assisted in coaching a summer swim team. This ignited a fire in my heart for the love of coaching.  In 2007/2008 I dove deep into CrossFit, and soon after got lost in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which I still practice, along with my weekly yoga practice.

For as long as I can remember, I was passionate about fitness, overall health and wellness and general optimization and human potential. Over the years, I’ve found myself seeking the unification of mind, body, soul/spirit to achieve peak performance through all aspects of my live and through my coaching experience, I’ve been drawn to coach and train others in much of what I’ve learned. I’ve discovered that sharing this, guiding others and helping them grow brings tremendous joy to my life.
Currently, the Wim Hof Method has reshaped my believe in what is possible for the human existence.  Melding my experience on duty and off, from the pools of my youth, to the gyms of my yesterday, to the mats (jiu jitsu AND yoga) of today, and all my futures--from my life as a Father and Husband-- I wish to share the tools, tricks, and tips that help me. I offer you my lessons and failures, my triumphs and losses, so we may learn and grow stronger.

I invite you to get curious with me and I hope your journey is as amazing as mine.” 

-          Aaron Quinn

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